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To Brian and Amy, with gratitude

Today,  Brian Jones passes the Country Director torch to Amy Travis, and we’d like to take a moment to celebrate and thank both of these individuals for their incredible dedication, passion, and relentless drive to fight for a brighter future for the children of Njabini, Kenya.

To the man who brought mighty, you bet, and boundless into our daily vocabulary, who established Gratitude as a staple of our nightly family meetings and infused our home with more light, laughter, and stability than we could ever put to words, THANK YOU, sir. You are a gift to this world!

And to Amy, who immediately jumped headlong into learning the complicated ropes of  an enormous job, and is already tackling an ever evolving mire of re-registrations, permits, school & staffing schedules, while still making time for bed time stories, we are deeply excited and grateful to have you aboard our team.

To our readers, we ask you to take a moment and express your gratitude to the the MIGHTY Brian and Amy, in the comments section of this post, for it is simply not possible to say “We appreciate you” too often.

Exactly What All Children Need

If you want to smile and feel inspired, read on…

Exactly What All Children Need. – from our friends at Africa Yoga Project

How Birthdays Can Change Lives


This month we had the pleasure of hosting long time supporter, Kendi, for her 30th birthday at the Flying Kites home in Kenya. Kendi, who is one of our child sponsors, made the decision to ask each of her guests that in place of a birthday present, they make a donation to the children at Flying Kites. Donations ranged from school supplies to academic books and soccer balls. She and her husband flew into Kenya from the UK and met the rest of her friends and family at the home where we spent the day playing sports, eating lunch together, and dancing on the lawn.

When the rains began to show their cards, we gathered in the sitting room and held the largest family meeting in our history with upwards of 60 people huddled together. Each of us shared one thing we were grateful for and more often than not, it was for each other. We are so honored to have hosted Kendi and her family for such a wonderful celebration and humbled as our family continues to grow to include so many compassionate souls. More than anything, we are grateful to have extraordinary Kenyan mentors like Kendi and her family for the importance of strong role models can never be overstated. Asante Sana Kendi and family!

No matter where you are in the world, donating a birthday party to Flying Kites is easy. Instead of birthday presents, just ask your family and friends to donate to Flying Kites by becoming a sponsor. We’ll use 100% of the money raised towards creating a better future for all 26 of our children, that means that whether you get one person to sponsor or your entire network, you are changing lives.

-Hannah Peterson




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How To Teach Without Talking

An insightful, inspiring piece by our amazing friends from The Africa Yoga Project.


On Friday, I traveled with the amazing Irene to an outreach called Kambui School For the Deaf. It’s set back in the country-side of Kenya surrounded by lots of green, and many many dirt roads that both surround and lead to the campus. When you walk through the metal gates and arrive onto the campus, you are met with this beautiful silence. As you walk further down the path, it’s the same silence, and you begin to see students emerge, talking with their hands, sign language, the same facial expressions that any person using words out loud would have. Image

The class was beautiful. Laughter, it’s the same sound too. And when breaking free from a child is perhaps the sweetest, clearest sound in the world. We practiced on a cold dusty red floor that quickly warmed from our movement. We grounded down with our feet, we reached high with our…

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Flying Kites leader Francis cracks a wide smile, followed by shared laughter on a lunch outing with the other “big kids.”

Why Can’t We Sell Charity Like We Sell Perfume?

Why Can’t We Sell Charity Like We Sell Perfume?

What if we let charities operate like businesses?

Delighted to learn

Miriam takes her first typing class in the new computer lab. We found her joy to learn inspiring. What has inspired you today?

Flying Kites Country Director, Brian Jones, walks Eunice back to school at the start of the term.

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